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Bosch Dishwasher Valve-outlet for Heat Exchanger, 00631199

Dishwasher Outlet Valve For Heat Exchange
Brand : Bosch Compatible With : Siemens Part No : 00631199 Model No : SN56N597EUD4, SN56N597EUD5, SN56N694EU85 Code : 10138624

BREMA 10Min. 4 Cam Defrost Timer For Ice Maker

Defrost Cycle Cam Switch For Ice Maker Machine
MPN : C 11904F1 Country/Region : Italy Code : 10094501  

Ice Maker Thermosatat

Ice Maker Thermosatat K22-L1082,K22-L1083,K61-L1508

March AC-3CP-MD Magnetic Drive Pump, 0130-0018-0200


March Pump’s industrial AC-3CP-MD is an American seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump ideal for applications such as chemical recirculation, chemical transfer, and scrubber systems. It is capable of generating a maximum flow of 10 gallons per minute at 1 feet, and its maximum head is 20.5 Feet (9PSI).

Perfect for Applications Including

Applications for the AC-3CP-MD Magnetic Drive Pump include ice makers, laboratory and medical equipment, vapor degreasers, and marine air conditioning systems.

Original version 5220JA2008K Authorized OEM Factory Replacement Part

Original version 5220JA2008K Authorized OEM Factory Replacement Part 5220JA2008K,AJU72952602,5220JA2008F,